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Incorrect response to unknown channel request


from Matthew Dippel:
I noticed when first experimenting with your server implementation that I was getting disconnected after any reasonable amount of data was sent. NSsh didn't know what to do with a Channel Request of type "", so it throws an exception (Invalid Channel Request: ...) and disconnects the session.
It appears this channel request type was added to PuTTY after 0.60 and is unique to PuTTY. I reviewed the documentation here:, and it indicates that the server should respond with SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_FAILURE so I adjusted the code accordingly. My fix was to simply add the channel type to ChannelRequestType.cs and respond with ChannelFailurePacket in RequestReceived(ChannelRequestType packet) in Channel.cs. I am not an SSH expert so this may be horribly wrong, however, but based on the logs I received from PuTTY, the server appears to be handling that request according to spec with my fix. I'm also not getting disconnected due to that request type.